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Climaxabad, G.T. Road, Gujranwala. Pakistan



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Foundry is the backbone of light as well as Heavy Engineering Industry. Unfortunately this very important sector has not been given due consideration for its up lift and this industry needs a lot to be done for its betterment and advancement. If this industry which is the basic need of the industry is given due attention, it will surely play a vital role in the economy of the under developed countries like Pakistan.

It is a well known fact that in private sector the development of this industry is good for nothing. Instead of patronizing this industry at local level, the Government has also preferred to invest huge Foreign Exchange and have set up heavy complexes. It is thus impossible for a common man to get benefit from these sources.

Supraa Steels having taken into account the above situation, has decided to set up a well equipped foundry at its premises at Gujranwala-Pakistan. This foundry will not only provide common facilities to a common man but will also impart technical know how to the engineers and technicians of this field.

We are producing a comprehensive literature on fundamental theory and practice of steel casting. We would be much pleased if our this effort proves fruitful by helping our engineers and technicians to select the steel according to its application.

Keeping in view the national interest we have also modernized our foundry on the basis of latest technology. We are producing all sorts of steel and alloy steel. A complete range of Laboratory equipments are also available in our labs. These facilities will also help to control the quality if the products according to international standards.

Company Profile
The history of the Supraa Steels dates back to 1970 when an induction steel melting unit (half ton capacity) was established with a view to produce alloy steel castings. Capacity was later- on enhanced to 1500 Kgs. The unit was controlled by a team of well experienced qualified metallurgists, aided by technician. Newly improved methods, were used in melting of steel and mould preparation which resulted in the manufacture of quality steel casting having maximum dimensional accuracy, soundness and surface finish. Constant inspection at every stage of production i.e. selection of scrap, melting, quenching, normalizing, and all sorts of heat treatment, alloys addition, composition control, annealing, grinding fettling etc. guarantee a high standard of quality casting. This is the reason that our products one to all and from few ounces up to 1500 Kgs have proved reliable in mechanical properties, uniform in performance and have been appreciated by our customers.

In addition to above, large scale investment enabled the company to modernize its works by installing the new units for the increase of production to meet the rising demands of the country.

Supraa Steels complex consists of offices, sand store, maintenance department, pattern shop and pattern stores, fettling shop, annealing furnace, quenching tank and laboratory. The company policy in connection with the designing and layout planning of the factory has been to provide an environment in which employees would be proud to work. As a result both the out look and working condition on our factory are at least as good as those demanded of the best foundry shops.

Areas Of Business
Supraa Steels has sufficient arrangements for machining and casting of spares and components for the following industries:

    • Agriculture
    • Fertilizer
    • Sugar
    • Automobile
    • Jute
    • Textile
    • Dairy
    • Food and Catering
    • Soap
    • Cement
    • Oil Extraction
    • Oil Refining
    • Paper & Board
    • Petroleum Refinery
    • Leather
    • Chemical
    • Railways
    • Defense
    • Wapda
    • Atomic Energy Commission
        and other engineering concerns.


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